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How it works

Learn how Sharentic works and how you can use it. Simple instructions, step by step.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about using Sharentic solution


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Sharentic says hello!

Seamless rentals

Right now, Sharentic makes it easy to do just one thing – making renting stuff as easy as ordering a cab or ordering food. 

We’ve got you covered

Our team is putting the effort daily to get more of the thngs that you want on Sharentic. Let us know if there is something you’re interested in!

This is just the first step

The first version of the app just focuses on one thing – renting. We have a lot more planned in the near future, so stay tuned. 

How It Works



Find what you want to use and order it with just a few clicks.




Get the items delivered to your door and start using them!




After you’re done, follow our easy step-by-step instructions on how to return them.




Hand the item back from your doorstep and get reward points for being Sharentic!


Browse and search the Sharentic app to find the stuff you are looking for and rent. When checking out, you will have to provide the delivery details, as well as payment details. We currently do not accept cash payments.

When checking out, ensure that you have entered the right delivery time out of the options provided and ensure that your address is correct the first time around.



On the delivery day, a Sharentic courier will contact you to confirm the delivery time and location.

We will match your ID (passport or ID card) with the information that we have on the app. Don’t forget to bring your ID when receiving your order.

Our couriers have the right to refuse delivery if we do not have an ID with you, if it does not match or if there are any suspicions about the items’ safety. In that case, we will refund you.


After you’re done with the items, follow the step-by-step instructions on the Sharentic app. You will have to take a few pictures of the stuff you ordered and put it back in the Sharentic box.

We kindly ask you to do this before our courier comes back to pick up the items from you, as it’s going to save a few minutes of your time.


Our Sharentic courier will pick up the stuff you ordered at or after noon on the return date. Our courier will contact you before to confirm that you will be able to return the items.

Useful Links

User Terms of Service

Our Privacy Policy


What do I need to get started?

Sharentic can be used by anybody who has an iOS phone and has valid personal documentation that we can use to verify your personal identity.

You can use Sharentic as an individual or a business.


What do I pay for?

If you order an item from Sharentic, you pay a per-day rental fee for an item, as well as an additional delivery charge.

If you order an item for a longer time, a discount may apply.

I'm an Android user / I want a web app.

We have plans to create an Android app shortly, so stayed tuned.

We aren’t planning to launch a web app, as we genuinely feel that an on-demand and seamless rental experience can only be created through mobile.

Where can I use Sharentic?

We’re launching Sharentic in Berlin and Riga at first.

If you want Sharentic to launch in your city, drop us an email. It might just be the final drop in the bucket to make that decision!

Can I rent out my stuff on Sharentic?

We want Sharentic to act as a renting platform both between people and businesses and between people too. We are working hard to roll out C2C (consumer-to-consumer) features – and you can’t imagine how easy we are going to make it.

Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter and social media. Our subscribers will get early invites.

How do you ensure my safety?

The Sharentic team cares deeply about keeping our users & customers safe. 

Our partners and suppliers are obliged to disinfect the stuff is rented on the Sharentic platform.

Additionally, we disinfect the packaging once we have received them from one of our partners.

I missed a delivery or a pickup

If you missed delivery or pickup, you would need to pick up the item from one of the Sharentic offices the same day or the following day. If you do not pick up the item the next morning, we will cancel the order with no refund.

If you failed to return an item, you would have to deliver the item to a Sharentic office the same or the following day. A late fee will be applied for all orders that are not returned two days after the original return date.

I damaged or lost an item

Suppose you’ve done significant damage to an item or lost it. In that case, you will have to cover the expenses for repairing the item or replacing it, as a lot of other suppliers are people just like you!

This does not apply to cosmetic damages (scratches and such) – so don’t worry about that!

The item got scratched

Don’t worry! Even if an item got scratched or there’s some minor damage, that’s completely fine. We cover all of the minor damages, so you don’t have to worry and be overly careful about using the stuff you got.

Something is wrong with the order

If there are missing items or the items you ordered aren’t working, we will provide you a full refund seven days after we confirm that it was the case.

Is there any paperwork?

No. The relationship you have with Sharentic is governed only by the User Terms of Service and the Privacy Statement.

When you do make an order, there may be paperwork between our partners and us, but we handle that behind the scenes, so you don’t have to.

I have feedback or a suggestion.

We started only recently, so any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions you have for us are gold. Talking to our users is the most important thing that we can do to make Sharentic a fantastic experience for everyone.

If there’s anything on your mind that you want to share with us, get in touch with us via email or just message us on our social media. We will get back to you – promise!

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