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Live lightly, without compromise

Rent great stuff with deliveries and returns from and to your doorstep 

Why limit yourself to what you can buy?

Think of all the stuff you have in your home. All of the things that have added up over the years. How much of that stuff do you use even once a week?

We don’t use most of the stuff we buy – we might need it just once a month, yet we end up paying full price for it. 

What if you could save that money and spend it on your dream vacation, a new experience or a new home?

Sharentic makes that possible.

Join the Rental Revolution!


Save Time

Get what you need quickly without paying full price.

Stay Light

Save money on storage space, stop cluttering your home and be able to relocate without issues

Stay Happy

62% people end up regretting their purchases every month (Barclays). Try before you buy with Sharentic. 

Save money by living lightly with no compromises

Sharentic covers (almost) all of your needs – from a game night with your friends to shooting a marketing video, we have it!

Take back control of how you spend your money to get what you want, need or want to try

Enjoy the freedom to spend money on what really matters. 

My nephew stayed with me over the weekend. As an early Sharentic tester, I ordered a PS5 with a few games for the weekend. We both had a great time. 


Financial Analyst

The Sharentic team gave me a chance to try out the app before it launched. It was amazing how easy it was to try out new board games for our family game night.

Maija Rozite-Kristopane

Radio Show Host & Influencer

I wanted to do so some remodeling work on my kitchen. I probably saved around fifty euros by renting the tools that I needed on Sharentic.



Renting made as easy as ordering food or getting a taxi 



Find what you want to use and order it with just a few clicks.



Get the items delivered to your door and start using them!



After you’re done, follow our easy step-by-step instructions on how to return them.



Hand the item back from your doorstep and get reward points for being Sharentic!

Your junk could be someones treasure


Start earning money on Sharentic by renting out your stuff, risk-free


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